I Can See The Pain Favorite Nikki
When friendship and love collide, both can suffer.
The Forever Friend Favorite Artur Hawkwing
When Forever is just a word, without meaning, the pain lasts nearly that long.
Lost And Found Johnny
Just because friendship fades, it doesn't mean the love dies. Sometimes, it simply waits.
You Were Always There Favorite Zac
Friendship can last forever. Even when it doesn't.
For Almie Favorite Jeanelle
Some people have the power to change our lives - even after they're no longer a part of it.
Left alone in the past Favorite Brande
Some truths we learn too late. But better that than to never learn at all.
Betrayal Favorite Dan McDonald
Perhaps the one thing worse than being hurt is knowing we've hurt another.
My Best Friend Favorite Athena
When friendship fills a void, the loss of friendship can but leave us empty.
Goodbye TOP 100 Favorite Rosebud
Saying goodbye to someone you once considered a friend isn't easy.
Reaching Favorite Jill Leenderts
Friendship and romantic love are exclusionary. Unless we make them so…
Flowers Favorite H. Barnes
Friendships change. But that doesn't always mean they end.
Losing A Piece Of My Soul Favorite Jasmine Johnston
Losing a best friend is hard. Especially when you know it's your fault.
Quiet Emotions Favorite Judy Burnette
When friendship end, sometimes it doesn't really end.
Friends Steven Solis
Love can sometimes bring the loss of friendship as our lives change and we drift from those we knew. To be replaced by a new friend, the one we love. But that, too, can be lost…
Then Favorite Amanda Jenkins
As young children, we first learn the meaning of friendship. And, as children, we first learn the meaning of loss.
There to Here Favorite Lauriel Mariondatter
This lovely poem is about friends who have drifted from those things that once bound them together. And, perhaps, it's about mending that rift…
Maybe Not Forever Favorite Angell
Losing a best friend to the inevitable circumstances of life is a painful memory, but one accompanied by good memories and future hope.
And Where Were You? Favorite Valerie
Confusion. Pain. Unanswered questions. These are only some of what we face when a friend turns their back on us…
Crossroads Tara Simms
Friendship is a very special thing, fragile at times, easily broken, and not so easy to mend.